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Introducing TechConsult eAnalyzer

eAnalyzer ( is a web-based tool designed to access market figures ("quantitative content") and reports / studies ("qualitative content") from TechConsult's data bases.
Figures and reports are focussed on the markets for products and services of information and communications technology (ICT) in different countries and their development forecast over the coming years.

The unique depth of eAnalyzer's data is based on an annual inquiry, conducted by TechConsult, of the broadest and deepest panel of enterprise ICT users in Central Europe, investigating existing ICT infrastructures and projected spending for their evolution. The survey comprises 4,000 enterprises throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland and interviews with 7,000 persons, all with IT responsibility, and is meant to be economically representative for 43 vertical segments and 7 classes of enterprise size for Germany, and for 7 vertical segments and 6 classes of enterprise size for Austria and Switzerland.
Key figures are available for several analyses (spendings, number of systems installed and delivered, market penetration, willingness for investment), broken down by products and vendors, countries, verticals and enterprise sizes.

From this broad and deep database, you may easily and quickly extract the key figures relevant for your needs, formatted as required, or export them for further processing. Decisions are thus prepared with just a few mouse clicks.
If required, you may enrich the figures with our qualitative market assessments, trends, decisive factors, key players, ...
This is the new quality of business planning.

For getting to know eAnalyzer at no cost, a demonstration account is provided requiring just your e-mail address to log in: With certain functional restrictions, it presents the tool's full potential, however working on a dummy data base and providing restricted access to downloads only.

Customer accounts, of course, provide up-to-date contents for the countries, product groups and/or verticals licensed, including any updates throughout the license period. We are looking forward to tell you more about licensing options.

As a special option, we are offering a prepaid mode where the figures obtained are billed individually by volume. If this suits your needs, feel free to contact us to learn more.

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