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First steps: Preconditions

eAnalyzer is a web application. You will not receive any software from TechConsult to install on your computer. To start using eAnalyzer, all you need is a web browser and internet access.

We are regularly testing eAnalyzer to work fine with current releases of the following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows),
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows and Linux),
  • Mozilla / SeaMonkey Suite (Windows),
  • Netscape Navigator (Windows),
  • Opera (Windows),
  • Konqueror (Linux).

However, other web browsers conforming to the relevant standards should work just as well, provided they fulfill some basic requirements:

  • support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS1/2),
  • have JavaScript (scripting) enabled,
  • accept session cookies.

In case some of the above features are disabled for the sake of security, please enable them for the eAnalyzer site.

For maximum comfort, some additional capabilities would be helpful:

  • display of PDF documents,
  • display of Microsoft Excel sheets.

Please note that different browsers do not render the same content in absolutely the same way. What eAnalyzer looks like in your browser window may differ slightly from what it looks like in this manual.

Independent of eAnalyzer, merely for security reasons, we strongly recommend to always use an up-to-date release of your favourite browser.

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